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Reach up to 30m UK adults a month with outdoor media

We provide local and regional British advertisers with rich, eye-catching digital and classic billboards. Reach people offline with out-of-home advertising.

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“I’d describe the campaign as being an interesting way to use DOOH, with a partner who was prepared to be way more flexible than others…​Influencers in the NW region were both much more proactive and much more interested in working with us – which was great”.

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Looking for a new, affordable way to reach consumers?

With the growth of online advertising, most businesses overlook the power of reaching people offline and when they are out and about. The truth is online ads are becoming more competitive and costly by the day. So why not drive a higher ROI for your online ads with a complementary outdoor strategy?

With out-of-home (OOH) advertising you can:

  • Maximise brand awareness with large, eye-catching, dynamic ads.
  • Increase the impact of your other online and offline marketing efforts.
  • Gain an edge over your competitors who solely rely on online marketing.
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How outdoor media can benefit your business

Flexible, affordable pricing

Special rates for local businesses. Plus, there’s no minimum order value. Out-of-home advertising is not just for big corporates. We help businesses of all sizes reach more people, more often for less.

Lower competition

Competition is stiffer online. Your ads get seen less and cost more as you struggle to cut through the noise. Start appearing where your competitors aren’t, and achieve greater reach and frequency.

Reach people at point-of-sale

If you’re a local business, imagine having rich, eye-catching visual ads nearby that drive people in-store. Optimise the everyday environment that surrounds your business, increase visibility, and sell more.

Impossible to ignore

Unlike other formats, out-of-home ads are unmissable. They can’t be switched off or blocked with an ad blocker. Tell your brand story in a highly engaging format that shines up to 24 hours a day.

Simple planning & execution

We help maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns. Gain valuable and actionable data insights. Plus experience a flexible, informative approach to media buying with support from our experts.

Nationwide coverage

Get your brand seen in over 140 UK towns. We’re on a mission to bring previously overlooked areas to light. So whether your goal is to become local heroes or achieve nationwide presence, we can help.

Advertise with any of our out-of-home products

Dynamic ads that reflect – time of day, discount sales, changes in weather & more.

Digital Billboards

Deliver your message in a big, unmissable format. Our digital 48-sheets are located on busy roadsides across 120+ UK towns and cities. Reach your audience at scale.

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4K Digital 6 Sheets

We offer the UK’s first 4K digital sheet network. Make a higher impact with digital 6-sheets that are 50% larger than average.

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Classic 6 Sheets

Own one or more of our 1,000 classic 6-sheet sites from across the UK. Be a fixture where your audience hangs out most.

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Our digital network

30+ million
Over half of all UK adults see Alight Media’s network of screens every month.

250+ million
Impressions were delivered by Alight Media for local independent advertisers in 2022.

Average number of people reached every 2-weeks by one billboard for one campaign.

What our clients have to say...

“A flexible campaign that maximised reach and budget by only running when the message was most relevant – delivering meaningful results.”

“We met our objectives, increased pre-show ticket sales and introduced the festival to a new audience, which we have not previously been able to reach.”

Switch on the true power of out-of-home.

Are you ready to explore how outdoor media can increase your brand presence? Get in touch today.

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