Alight Media appoints Justdiggit as its international charity partner

After a company-wide nomination and selection process, the OOH media owner has opted to support Justdiggit as its international charity partner.

Justdiggit makes dry land green again by inspiring and activating farmers in Africa, positively impacting climate change, nature and people. Degraded landscapes are restored by combining traditional techniques with new technology and a strong communication approach. Justdiggit works primarily in Kenya and Tanzania but is expanding into Ethiopia and Uganda.

In the last few years, Justdiggit has brought back over 6 million trees with the practice of Kisiki Hai. In Kenya they have already dug over145,000 bunds – semi-circular shaped pits that capture rainwater – a regreen revolution in the making!

The Alight Media team will be fundraising throughout the partnership as well as raising awareness via its fast-growing national OOH network which engages a quarter of the adult population, every fortnight, through more than 1,500 OOH advertising sites.

Matthew Dearden, Founder and CEO, Alight Media, said:
“When we set up Alight Media our aim was to build a media company with a difference, a company that truly cares and works hard to leave the world a better place. I am delighted that our whole team was involved in both nominating and selecting Justdiggit. With climate change threatening humanity, we are conscious of our impact in all areas of our business and I’m proud that we will also now be raising funds as a team and promoting the Justdiggit mission.”

Stuart Taylor, UK Country Director, Justdiggit, said:
“This is an exciting partnership for Justdiggit and will make a real difference through their fundraising efforts but also by raising awareness for the work we do through their national OOH network. If we bring back nature by applying cost-effective nature-based solutions, we can mitigate global warming by 37%. By restoring degraded land, we deliver practical, cost effective and scaleable programmes in East Africa. The benefits include improving livelihoods, restoring ecosystems, bringing back wildlife and cooling down the planet. We have been really impressed by the desire of the whole team to get involved in our mission and we are delighted that Alight Media is joining the regreen revolution!”

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