Alight Media connects Black Friday brands with UK ShOOHppers

Black Friday (26 November 2021) is one of the key seasonal retail opportunities and despite non-essential shops being closed for it last year, over £8bn was still spent in the UK on Black Friday 2020.

This year, retailers will hope to get two bites of the Black Friday cherry, with strong online sales coupled with a rebounding in-store presence.

Black Friday is notorious for driving heavy footfall to retail sites with shoppers on the hunt for the best deals. Alight Media, the UK’s fastest growing OOH media owner, is helping brands influence consumer purchasing decisions in the right place, at just the right time.

According to GB TGI 2021 August, the heaviest consumers of outdoor media have purchased on Black Friday.

Three reasons OOH can help drive spend on Black Friday:

  • OOH is the medium experienced most recently before shopping
    (Last Window of Influence study)
  • 82% of shoppers will be as engaged or more with Black Friday vs. last year (Future Plc)
  • 70% of shoppers are planning to spend the same amount or more this Black Friday vs. 2020 (Future Plc)

Contact before Thursday 25 November to find out more about Alight Media’s Black Friday deals.

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