Alight Media leads the D48 market for total towns covered across the UK

Route, the audience measurement body for all UK outdoor digital and paper poster sites, has released its quarterly audience summary (Route version 40). The new release shows significant growth in the Digital roadside billboard market and shows Alight Media to be the market leader for total towns covered with Digital 48 billboards

Alight Media’s continued rollout of Digital 48 screens now brings this fantastic format to 71 towns and cities across the UK, 34 of which are unique and contain no other digital billboards. Alight’s network, which reaches 7 million consumers every two weeks for a standard buying spot, covers all key cities as well as new towns including Blackpool, Paignton, Cambridge, and Portchester.

Route, the world’s largest outdoor audience measurement survey, tracks the movements of a sample population of 20,000 people using GPS trackers and records their interaction with poster sites across the UK. Alight Media’s combined network of 1,300 Digital 48 Sheet and classic and digital 6 Sheet poster sites now reaches 30% of all UK adults every two weeks according to the latest Route survey.

Ged Glover, Chief Revenue Officer, Alight Media, said: “We rely on Route’s research to both inform our development activity and provide audience data for our advertising partners.  It’s always great to see our hard work validated by each Route release and the most recent has been no exception.”

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