“Challengers have more fun” – Our CEO speaks to The Drum about why we should be optimistic about 2021

Off the back of our partnership with The Drum’s recent Out of Home Awards, our CEO Matthew Dearden shares his thoughts on how 2020’s challenges have reshaped the medium, why data is key to its future and how we can embrace the disruption of challenge.

You can watch the full video here and read some key takeaways below:

On the strengths of OOH:

“We need to remember that OOH is still the place that big brands land big ideas with the public all at once, it’s still the place where the power of the public promise applies.”

“We still believe in our vision, and we’ve doubled down and invested harder to deliver it. We still believe in national coverage for OOH and DOOH, treating people and partners right and doing digital right.”

On maximising digital:

“The opportunity we’ve all got now is to make sure that we use digital out of home as a digital first medium, rather than as a really souped-up OOH scroller.”

“What I want to be seeing is people using DOOH the way it should [be used]: plan flexibly to location, time, events, audiences, triggers and so on in the way that any other digital medium would be. And we have some way to go on that, but the data, the connections, and the flexibility that DOOH has in the UK means that’s ready to be done.”

On the need for smarter planning:

“There’s a lot of data that suggests people are working, shopping, playing near a home when they work. And that suits us as a media owner, our strategy is all about being where people actually live, work, shop and play rather than the major metropolitans.”

“I’m hoping we will be able to see the application of smart data flexible planning, smarter, booking and buying to be able to get these much more flexible, targeted campaigns that give much more value to advertisers and make the medium work harder which is what we all want to see. Delivering value to the advertisers.”

“Sometimes clients need to know they’ve got the certainty and the value of booking ahead. But equally when there is a short-term response needed, we’re probably the fastest responding medium to get creative live for clients.”

On change for the better:

“Challengers have more fun. We’re, at the moment, looking for what we find frustrating in the market, how do we think it ought to work better for all layers of the value chain and what can we do to fix that? Which is quite an exciting mission to have.”

“As a medium I’d love to see us embrace, as a positive, the disruption of challenge that we have. We’ve done a really good job, particularly in the UK, leading the world in how we digitise OOH and getting a lot of volume out there. Part of our mission is to make sure that DOOH is a truly national medium.”

“We can definitely see light at the end of the tunnel, we can definitely see reasons to believe that in a year’s time, we’ll be having a very different conversation.”


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