Jargon debunker

Want to know your OOH from your DOOH?  Confused about the difference between Reach and Route?

We’re here to help you navigate your way around the world of out-of-home advertising with our jargon debunker.

If you’d like any more advice or support please feel free to contact us.

Out-of-home advertising.

Digital out-of-home advertising.

Classic large format advertising display intended for viewing from extended distances (typically 6m x 3m).

Digital 48 sheet billboard (typically 6m x 3m).

Classic 6 sheet (typically 1.2 x 1.8m).

Digital 6 sheet (ours are 1.8 x 2.1m).

Audience measurement for the out-of-home advertising industry.

Refers to the total number of different people exposed, at least once, to a medium during a given period.

A specific grouping of sites/locations according to geography or format.

LF - 48 sheet or bigger. SF - 6 sheet or smaller.

The cost of delivering 1,000 impressions from individuals who notice the advertising on displays in a market.

The artwork for your campaign.

Sizing specifications for display copy.

The percentage of advertising time allocated to a brand; most often used with reference to a share of time on a digital screen.

The interval of time where the audience is in close proximity to a specific site.

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