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You are invited to download the MiXR app and enjoy a free drink!

The opportunity

MiXR Media is an app and digital media network which will help brands target c.100m guest visits a year across more than 800 Stonegate Group venues by the end of 2024.




monthly impressions




predicted annual footfall


Full Motion Content

Every screen in MiXR allows for full HD video content, making it the UK's largest full motion digital screen network. We would love to work with your Grand Visual team to create the most impactful OOH campaigns.

High Dwell Time

Unlike most digital out-of-home screens which are viewed by passing traffic, MiXR is an environment with a high dwell time. The average visitor in a MiXR venue stays for 45 minutes in full view of the screens. This will allow brands to engage people using multiple creatives in one visit.

Proven ROI

MiXR launched in 2023 as a pilot involving a number of drinks and snacks brands available to buy in venue. 100 venues ran ads on screens for the pilot brands and unit sales of their products were measured against a control group of 100 venues without screens. The results of the pilot showed an average of +15% sales uplift for products stocked in venues where screens showed ads. The pilot demonstrates that people not only notice the ads being displayed but take action.

Share With Friends

60% of people say that visiting the pub is their favourite way to spend time with their friends (CGA BrandTrack, 2023), making MiXR one of the only media channels where 100% of impressions are delivered in a social environment. This will allow brands to display content that encourages conversation, sharing and taking action.

Walkabout SCR 1 Birmingham 004