National advertisers

We’re here to challenge for a brighter out-of-home for all. We are ambitious for our medium and believe in the quality and scale of our continually expanding network.

So, what does this mean for advertisers?

We want to support our clients and partners to plan and buy media in ways that achieve the most from their budgets and campaigns, whilst allowing you the flexibility to think creatively, beyond the boundaries normally imposed with media buying. We believe in a digital first medium, meaning we push ourselves to realise the outside possibilities that DOOH brings to advertisers. Through partnering with established tech leaders, we continue to invest in bringing advertisers the cutting edge of what DOOH has to offer. We are dedicated to taking technological capabilities of our network beyond the screen to make them work harder for advertisers- meaning we take our role at leading the charge in technological advancements very seriously.

We commit to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to audience delivery for your campaign. Our network supplies coverage in currently underserved and untouched regions, meaning we can fill the gap of missing audiences across the UK. Alight Media reaches more unique towns through our D48 network than any other media owner. We continue to invest in the medium and are developing our estate faster than anyone else in the market; investing in our growth to bring true national presence to brands, across a blend of our digital and classic formats.



Our digital 48 sheet network spans across more unique towns than any other in the market while offering on average 10% more impacts per screen, currently reaching 5 million adults in the UK.

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