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Alight Media partners with Martin Firrell on ‘All Varieties’ public art campaign

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Alight Media is proud to support artist Martin Firrell’s new campaign – 'All Varieties' – continuing our long-standing relationship with the internationally acclaimed public artist. Martin is long associated with the international out-of-home industry, using art to engage the public in conversations that, in the artist’s own words “aim to make the world more humane”.

‘All Varieties’ is an all-OOH industry campaign, celebrating the labels that help people express their individuality and define their place in the world, and will run during June-July to coincide with Pride 2024.

‘All Varieties’ celebrates the diversity of labels like ‘gender non-conforming’, gender-neutral pronouns like ‘they/them’ or the experimental ‘ze/zir’, labels with a noble history like ‘femme’ and ‘dyke’. Digital ‘gallery notes’ providing background to the campaign and education about the evolution of the labels celebrated are available at

By celebrating ‘All Varieties’ publicly, Great Britain sends world-leading equality messages to the international community, and demonstrates solidarity with Human Rights champions the world over.

"All Varieties is a wonderful thing at a time when the tide of justice is moving out, leaving our beach of fellowship, love and solidarity all the more bare." Stephen Fry

'All Varieties' is sponsored by Nørdern and Berry Bros & Rudd, supported by Peter Tatchell, Stephen Fry, Joanne Harris, Antonia Belcher OBE and by media partners Alight Media, JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Mass Media, Outsmart and Nonsensical, the TikTok agency.

'All Varieties' museum partner is Queer Britain, the UK's first and only LGBT+ museum.

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