Landlords & Development

Our business is built on the foundation of some incredible partnerships and as we grow our estate, we continue to acquire new and trusted landlords and partners. Our renowned development team brings together decades of experience and expertise to ensure that both our local authority partners and private landlords can achieve the best possible outcome for their estates.

We are proud of the steps we have taken to limit our impact on the environment. This is a cause we hold close to the heart of our business, but we understand that there is a huge amount more to do. We are currently working through a programme to ensure we achieve a carbon neutral status and we’re eager to partner with local authorities and private landlords on a similar journey. Part of our process has been to consider the impact our estate has on the environment and address any areas of concern. Amongst other measures, we are pleased to say that:

  • We offer garden roofs on our bus shelter estate to encourage biodiversity
  • Our shelters are made of recyclable steel, aluminium, glass and polycarbonate
  • The energy we consume is 100% renewable
  • All of our classic 6 sheets have LED lighting which reduces power consumption by 40% as opposed to standard neon tubes
  • Our digital 6 sheet estate is newly built with the latest in Samsung power saving technology

If you’d like to know more about what we’re doing to reduce our impact on the planet, please contact us.


Local Authority

Alight Media brings a wealth of experience to our partnerships with local authorities and are ideally placed to support you in improving public infrastructure and services through advertising revenue, modernising street furniture and having a positive impact on how towns and cities look, feel and operate.

Private landlords

For private landlords, out-of-home can offer significant new revenue streams for your business. Our experienced team will help you to unlock these opportunities, maximising your returns and creating a sustainable infrastructure within your local communities.

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