Digital Billboards

Our ever expanding digital 48 sheet network spans more over 140 towns across the UK, 55 of which are unique to Alight Media, meaning we are number one in the market for providing advertisers with access to new audiences. Our unparalleled build programme has meant that we have added more sites, more locations and more impacts to our quality network faster than anyone else, with 97% of our sites being built after January 2020. Each screen location is handpicked by our industry leading developers, who select sites based upon their ability to deliver a high quality and high-volume audience to our advertisers.

By fully harnessing the power that digital out-of-home gives us we enable advertisers to utilise our digital estate in the most flexible ways possible, the only limit to what our industry leading digital estate can offer is your imagination.



Digital 6

Welcome to the UK’s first 4K Digital 6 sheet network. Our industry leading quality digital 6 sheet network covers a broad section of the UK; with screens in South Yorkshire, Shropshire, and Bournemouth, we are expanding our digital footprint further all the time. Advertisers benefit from the flexibility to advertise in the unique way suited to your business goals. At 85 inches our digital 6 sheet screens can also boast a significant size advantage, being almost 50% larger than a standard digital 6 sheet on the market.



Classic 6

You can’t beat a classic and that’s why, in association with our local authority partners Alight Media brings you the classic 6 sheet, only better! With unparalleled coverage of South Yorkshire, as well as our more recent contract acquisition in Shropshire, we now control over 1000 classic 6 sheet sites. Our growing network now proudly delivers 43 million audience impressions over a fortnightly period and we’re looking to expand this even further.



Local Advertisers

What could local fame do for your business? What would it mean to be seen by your customers? Or better yet, remembered? Out of Home offers local and regional advertisers the opportunity to make their business unmissable.

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