Digital Billboards

Our digital 48 sheet network spans across more unique towns than any other in the market while offering on average 10% more impacts per screen, currently reaching 5 million adults in the UK. With everynew D48 being handpicked and located on high traffic arterial roads, you can be sure that Alight Media delivers on both quality and quantity.

At Alight Media, we embrace the flexibility offered by digital. Our growing D48 network can provide tailored solutions to suit each individual client, giving you the freedom to build a campaign that perfectly suits the needs of your business. All of this and with one of the most competitive formats in the market.



Digital 6

Our digital 6 sheet network lies in the heart of Bournemouth, the largest coastal conurbation in the country. On top of providing the individuality only offered by digital, our Bournemouth D6s can display full-motion creative – allowing you to make the most of your campaign.

Located in the heart of the pedestrianised area of the town centre, these 75” HD LCD Samsung screens provide a crisp and clear moving image in an unmissable location, so you’re sure to catch the eye of any passers-by.

With plans to expand into South Yorkshire throughout 2020, these exceptional digital screens will soon be live in more cities & towns, including Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, and Barnsley.



Classic 6

You can’t beat the classics, and that rings true with our growing 6 sheet network in South Yorkshire and the South West. In choosing Alight Media, you can have access to 1000+ classic 6 sheets and over 6.7 million UK adults.

As the market leader on reach and share in the South West, Alight Media presents an unparalleled access to up to 8% of the UK population. With the addition of our panels in South Yorkshire, we can provide a place in some of the largest cities in the UK.



Local Advertisers

What could local fame do for your business? What would it mean to be seen by your customers? Or better yet, remembered? Out of Home offers local and regional advertisers the opportunity to make their business unmissable.

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