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Serving local communities

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We provide local and regional advertisers with eye-catching digital and classic billboards. Reach people offline with out-of-home advertising.


How OOH media can benefit your business

Reach people at point of sale.

If you’re a local business, imagine having rich, eye-catching visual ads nearby that drive people in-store. Optimise the everyday environment that surrounds your business, increase visibility, and sell more.


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Why choose out-of-home?

Flexible, affordable pricing

We offer special rates for local businesses. Plus, there’s no minimum order value. Out-of-home advertising is not just for big corporates. We help businesses of all sizes reach more people, more often for less.

Lower competition

Competition is stiffer online. Your ads get seen less and cost more as you struggle to cut through the noise. Start appearing where your competitors aren’t, and achieve greater reach and frequency.

Nationwide coverage

Get your brand seen in over 150 UK towns. We’re on a mission to bring previously overlooked areas to light. So whether your goal is to become local heroes or achieve nationwide presence, we can help.

How it works

Step 1

Type of campaign: Establish your business targets, so you can choose formats and location to develop a campaign that helps you achieve them.

Step 2

Budget: Establish a clear budget and timeframe for your campaign, so that you can achieve the maximum return on investment (ROI) from your ads. 

Step 3

Visibility: Alight offers a billboard design service that can help ensure that your OOH ads stand out, regardless of what size or format you choose.

Alight delivers 25% uplift in web traffic for Hopkins Solicitors

The brief

To generate increased awareness of the law firm at their city centre location, away from the more well-known Head Office.

The campaign

A proximity-based campaign, utilising well placed, quality screens in key areas of the city, close to the Hopkins Solicitors’ offices and crucially, keeping budget in mind.

The results

The campaign delivered a substantial 25% uplift in web traffic, through a normally quiet period for the firm.

“Great value for the service I've received.”

(Hopkins Solicitors)


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Our network, coupled with your creative, can be a powerful combination. 

Get in touch today to see how we can help you.