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Get to know our formats

IV 4368

There are many different billboard styles, sizes, and locations to choose from. Alight is a roadside OOH media owner, offering formats that showcase impactful visual ads that share your brand messages.

Digital 48s

Digital 48 sheets (D48s) are large and impactful, landscape billboards, generating great brand exposure and return on investment.

D48 billboards are typically placed in high-traffic areas like busy roads, highways, and shopping centres, so you know plenty of people will be seeing your message.

IV 3322

people see our D48s every month


of all UK adults reached


D48s across the UK


powered by renewable energy

Digital 6s

Digital 6-sheets (D6s), are smaller-scale portrait billboards that are often positioned within local areas such as high streets, roadsides, and bus shelters. 

D6s stand out at any time of day or night, and are the perfect solution for businesses looking to turn heads in a smaller space. They also offer flexibility, allowing businesses to display their ad at specific times of day or in particular weather conditions.

1062 Alight Starbucks Glossop Rd Opp No 298 City Centre Sheffield May 23 View2 F Ill 2 of 3 1

we have the only ultra HD network


the resolution of any other D6


more display space


powered by renewable energy

Classic 6s

Our classic, paper 6-sheet posters (C6s) are perfect for making a big statement in a smaller space. 

They are ideal for high streets, bus shelters, and pedestrian areas, putting your business in front of thousands of shoppers, commuters, and families.

The smaller size makes it easy to convey a clear and simple message that will stick in the minds of your target audience.

Coke Moore Street w b Hanover Way C6 Alight Dec20 View2 Fill 1 of 7

adults see all our 6s every month


third largest total 6s provider


towns and cities across the UK


total monthly impressions

Engage people in new and creative ways

Including digital billboards and posters in your OOH advertising campaign can help your business:


Reach a large and diverse audience.


Build brand awareness and complement your online marketing strategy.


Engage people and drive traffic online or to a physical location.


Promote a specific product or service.