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Making a positive difference

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Our objective: To positively impact the world as a business and as a team.

Our Impact

Our responsibility

Out-of-home advertising is part of our urban landscape and has a significant role to play when it comes to sustainability and environmental action. As a broadcast medium, it can act as a platform for change while supporting local communities.

As one of the most socially responsible formats, OOH reinvests 50p in every pound spent on media back into the community – where it is used to improve local services and infrastructure. 

At Alight, we are proud of all we have done so far, and always want to do more: we’re committed to being a positively sustainable OOH business for the long-term.


of our network is powered by renewable energy


We’ve installed the first wind and solar powered shelters


living roof and wind/solar shelters


Accreditation 14001:2015 Environmental management

Our partnerships

Our Pinwheel partnership - investing in planet repair

We have partnered with Pinwheel, a pioneering business that aims to repair the planet through investment in rigorously vetted global projects. We are the first media owner to work with Pinwheel and will help fund diverse initiatives such as: seagrass restoration, reforestation, rainwater harvesting and rewilding programmes.

Our Ad Net Zero membership

We are proud supporters of Ad Net Zero, the advertising industry’s drive to reduce the carbon impact of developing, producing and running advertising to real net zero.

Our Etesian Green partnership

We are an exclusive OOH partner with the UK’s premier sustainable street furniture manufacturer. Etesian Green's street furniture is manufactured from recycled bottles as a substitute for steel and aluminium and green street furniture is powered by wind and solar energy.

Our international charity partner - Justdiggit

We support Justdiggit through fundraising by our team and raising awareness through donating advertising space across our portfolio. We are proud to help Justdiggit make a difference in cooling down the planet by regreening degraded land and bringing back vegetation.

Our commitment to greener communities

Warrington Green Mile

Alight's partnership with Warrington includes the creation of a 'green mile'. All bus shelters on this route have living rooves and a 500m grass central reservation has been seeded and re-wilded by our team. The shelters are also made from recycled materials and some have wind and solar power.

Warrington green mile

Our community and charity support

As well as being part of the Government Enterprise Scheme, Alight has a number of charity partnerships including Justdiggit and Wings for Life.

We also work directly with schools, colleges and local youth clubs, for example St Gregory’s in Warrington where we help embed careers into the curriculum.

Wings for life

Our public art partnership

The Artichoke Trust

Throughout 2023, we are showcasing the work of a range of talented artists through our partnership with The Artichoke Trust. The Gallery project, curated by renowned public artist Martin Firrell, brings themed art exhibitions direct to communities across the UK via our out-of-home sites.

Artichoke Trust