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3 types of billboards and OOH you need to know about

13 June 2023

The out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry can be overwhelming to navigate. It’s often hard to know exactly how to get your brand noticed by all the right people, and there are numerous billboard styles, sizes, and locations to choose from. But with the right strategy, a highly impactful visual campaign will be exactly what you need to get your brand message across.

And the numbers don’t lie. New research has shown that mobile searches conducted OOH are 38% more likely to lead to a purchase compared to those conducted at home. Billboards and OOH ads more widely have a unique ability to drive interest, searches, and brand awareness.

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Digital billboard

Exploring different types of OOH

OOH advertising has become more dynamic and interactive as technology has evolved, making it an incredibly effective way to help your brand engage with consumers in new and creative ways. Including billboards and posters in your OOH advertising campaign can help your business:

  1. Drive traffic to a physical location

  2. Build brand awareness

  3. Promote a specific product or service

  4. Reach a large and diverse audience

It’s crucial to choose the right OOH billboard to maximise your return on investment (ROI) and reach your advertising goals. But with so many options available, from traditional billboards and transit advertising to digital displays, street furniture, and even scented and three-dimensional billboards, it’s hard to know where to start.

Whether you're aiming for an eye-catching digital display or a more traditional poster, we’ll help you better understand the different forms of OOH and billboards. Let’s start by looking at the types of OOH that can help you reach your target audience.

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D48 billboards

Usually measuring 6 x 3 metres, these billboards are big, bold and perfect to get your brand noticed by a wide audience. Digital 48-sheet billboards are typically placed in high-traffic areas like busy roads, highways, and shopping centres, so you know plenty of people will be seeing your message.

Some key benefits of D48 billboard advertising include:

  1. Size: They give you plenty of space to get creative with your billboard design, making sure your brand message stands out.

  2. Maximum visibility: They’re impossible to miss! You get maximum visibility for your brand and improve brand exposure to potential customers.

  3. Increased brand awareness: These billboards are a great way to get your brand in front of a number of people, helping to increase brand awareness and recognition.

  4. Reach a diverse audience: They can be placed in high-traffic areas, allowing you to reach a large and diverse audience.

Digital billboards display ads in real time, and can be updated or edited as required. They can also be used to target specific audiences, as the billboards can be turned on or off at specific times, depending on who the target demographic is. Not only can this help to reduce costs, it also allows you to integrate time-of-day triggers, which can increase the number of people searching for your brand by 57%.

Pro tip: If you choose a digital billboard, make sure it is somewhere that will be seen by your ideal customer. Alight Media is now the biggest media owner for audience reach in the UK, allowing clients to choose the perfect billboard location and style for them.

C6 posters

At 1.8 x 2.1 metres, classic 6-sheet posters (C6s) are perfect for making a big statement in a smaller space. Although they’re not classified as ‘billboards’, they have many of the same features and benefits of their digital counterparts. C6s are ideal for a number of scenarios:

  1. High-traffic areas: posters are ideal for high streets, bus shelters, and pedestrian areas, putting your business in front of thousands of shoppers, commuters, and families.

  2. Clear and concise messaging: The smaller size makes it easy to convey a clear and simple message that will stick in the minds of your target audience.

  3. Flexible: You can customise the location of your poster to target specific areas or demographics.

  4. Cost-effective: The C6 can be more cost-effective than digital billboards, and is therefore a great choice for businesses with limited advertising budgets.

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Scrollers are a C6 poster, and combine three different ads on one conveyor belt. This allows you to easily promote multiple services or products in one spot — imagine a digital carousel advert but on a paper scrolling board.

People are also more drawn to an ad that's moving and keeps them entertained. This makes scrollers a fantastic way to get your brand to stick in the mind of your audience.

D6 billboards

D6 billboards, also known as ‘digital 6-sheets’, are smaller-scale billboards that are often positioned within local areas such as high streets, roadsides, and bus shelters. They have the combined benefit of being digital — and therefore having high levels of visibility and impact — while being on a reasonably small scale.

D6s stand out at any time of day or night, and are the perfect solution for businesses looking to turn heads in a smaller space. They also offer a unique amount of flexibility, allowing businesses to:

  1. Display their ad at specific times of day or in particular weather conditions — helping businesses to reduce costs in the long term.

  2. Play short-form videos as well as displaying static images, depending on what is being advertised.

  3. Amend the contents of their ad if, for example, the details of an event change.

OOH — an accessible way to share your business

OOH advertising’s potential impact on consumers is undeniable. By leveraging street furniture such as bus shelters, lamp posts, public transportation and more, OOH advertising helps businesses reach a wider audience through eye-catching and effective billboard advertisements.

Alight Media’s advertising portfolio is both affordable and accessible. We also offer a design service, helping to ensure that your ad fits seamlessly with your marketing strategy.

Whichever type of outdoor advertising you choose, you’re guaranteed to get amazing results that will boost the success of your business — plus a choice of billboards from hundreds of locations across the UK.

If you’re looking to create powerful messaging that resonates with audiences and leads to greater customer engagement, contact us today.

JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Global and Posterscope launch collaborative research study 'The Point of Search'

JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Global and Posterscope launch collaborative research study 'The Point of Search'